Blessed John

Prayer for Canonization - Blessed John of Vercelli

O God, Who has willed that Blessed John of Vercelli shine with wondrous prudence and strength, grant that through his intercession, our families may always and everywhere be governed and blessed by your salutary rule, through Christ our Lord.

O God, we humbly beg You, should it be Your holy will that Blessed John of Vercelli, Your glorious apostle of the Holy Name, be raised to the honors of the altar, to make known Your will by heavenly favors through his intercession.

O God, grant that all members of the Holy Name Society who make ardent petition for the canonization of Blessed John of Vercelli, may be filled both with zeal for honoring the most Holy Name of Your Divine Son and with perseverance in living according to the Holy Name Pledge.

Blessed John of Vercelli, promoter of devotion to the most Holy Name of Jesus, pray for us!