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Catholic Family Values

Life Marriage Family Youth Committee

The NAHNS Life Marriage Family Youth Committee's purpose is to assist Holy Name Society members implement the U.S. Catholic Bishops' Plan for rebuilding a Catholic Culture in accord with a consistent ethic of life, which holds that all life is sacred from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death, protecting the sanctity of the sacrament of marriage, promoting Catholic Social teaching and promoting activities for the proper formation of Catholic Youth and Young Adults.

To learn more about what the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is doing to support the family check out the following link: USCCB Laity, Marriage, Family Life, Youth

Living According to the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching

Being Catholic means to live according to the life and example of Jesus Christ. The ministry of Jesus was one of love, mercy and service; of peace and justice; and of reaching out to the marginalized, oppressed, and most vulnerable in society. Members of the Holy Name Society are called to do no less.

The foundation of Catholic Social Teaching is the dignity of the human being. By virtue of our creation by God, each of us is uniquely holy and worthy of respect regardless of our personal characteristics or circumstances. The unborn, the poor, the disabled, the homeless, the elderly, the ill and injured, the imprisoned, and those on the fringes of any society are equally precious in the eyes of God and are worthy of dignity and respect.

Initiatives and Activities

This committee provides information and education on Catholic Teaching on social issues. Public Information initiatives are designed to deepen the understanding of the sanctity of human life and the salvific mission of the Church.

This Committee develops and distributes Parish Based materials that assist in informing and educating people on the true teachings of the Catholic faith on social issues relating to Life, Marriage, Family and Youth.

Prayer is the foundation in the labor of building a Catholic Culture. This committee also works to promote proper formation of Holy Name Society members on the teachings of the Catholic faith through individual and public prayer and worship. The Committee encourages and provides resources for (Arch)Diocesan Unions and Parish Holy Name Societies to sponsor programs of communal and private prayer.


  1. Communicate and educate Holy Name Society members apply Church teachings about the Christian roles and responsibilities in the areas of life, marriage, family, work, community and our civic/political roles and responsibilities.

  2. Provide national leadership, including consultation and resources for (Arch)Diocesan Unions, parish Holy Name Societies, and individual members, on public policy issues that concern life, marriage, family and young adults.

  3. Assist (Arch)Diocesan Unions and parish Holy Name Societies through education, training and providing other resources and services to promote proper Catholic understanding of key issues related to life, marriage, family and young adults.

  4. Foster the participation of young people in the life of the Church through promotion of Junior Holy Name Societies, essay contests, vocation information initiatives, support of parish World Youth Day fundraising and other activities that promote a comprehensive vision of youth ministry.

  5. Collaborate with committees and offices of the Bishops’ Conference and (Arch)Diocesan Offices to help communicate their Catholic message to (Arch)Diocesan unions, Parish Holy Name Societies and individual members on these fundamental issues and to evangelize society.

  6. Coordinate and Communicate initiatives, programs, projects, activities and materials which the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops [USCCB] have on areas associated with Life, Marriage, Family and Youth.

  7. Help facilitate and coordinate NAHNS participation in activities such as the annual March for Life, Pro-Life Sunday [1st Sunday in October] and other community projects of public witness and demonstration.

  8. Coordinate efforts of NAHNS in working for changes in law or interpretations of law at federal, state and other levels in accordance with guidelines and directives established by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Committee Contact

Richard Kehoe, Chair
Life Marriage Family Youth Committee
4952 N. Menard Avenue
Chicago, IL 60630-2038
(773) 545-2491, Mobile: (708) 205-8487